Unified Communications and WiFi

Most of us agree that integrating our voice, data, video and mobile communications across a single network is a fundamental factor for businesses that are looking to streamline their technology infrastructure. By adopting a single network approach, employees also have the added benefit of 24/7accessibility whatever their location, or preferred technology device, ensuring that companies can adjust to demands quickly and efficiently.

The reality

On paper the idea of a unified network sounds like communications ‘nirvana’ but in reality it is a very different prospect. In an ideal world you would want a seamless integrated communications network that was provided by a single vendor, enabling your voice, data and security solutions all under the one umbrella with the upmost of ease.

However, within most organisations, the voice and data infrastructure has evolved over a period of time and is built up from a wide range of legacy products supplied by a variety of vendors. This is where organisations need to ensure that they have the technical skills and resource in place before they start to implement a converged network solution.

Bring in the experts

In order to address the key issues when implementing a Unified Communications (UC) network such as quality of service, security, infrastructure and employee adoption of the new system, it can be useful to utilise the skills of a vendor-independent UC specialist such as Eurotek IT Link. A multi-vendor specialist such as Eurotek IT Link have experience that reaches across many vendors, products and technologies which in turn ensures businesses receive independent advice that has their best interests in mind both commercially and technologically.

In addition, Eurotek IT Link have the expertise and knowledge base across the whole of the UK and Ireland for the most complex UC projects.

Eurotek IT Link understand that without the right people no technology solution will be a success and that is why we invest a lot of our time and resource into preparing and training our support staff and engineering team to the highest of standards.

Don’t just take our word for it, get in touch and see how we have assisted our customers across many vertical markets, technologies and geographic areas.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce administration costs
  • Scalable
  • Multi-vendor solutions
  • Real time monitoring
  • Single IP based network