Eurotek IT Link  Security Operations Centre (ENSOC)

Network Security
As computer networks grow in relation to size, complexity, their geographical span, and integration into existing company networks, the greater the threat becomes to those networks from within their internal and external boundaries.
All organisations have to work smarter in today’s economic climate. As IT becomes an ever more critical aspect of working smarter by utilising new and emerging technologies, safeguarding networks and their integrity must be high on the agenda of any IT strategy going forward.
Many organisations maintain they take appropriate preventative measures when securing networks. Firewalls are deployed on networks, policies operating on those firewalls are locked down and maybe periodically penetration tested or vulnerability scanned. Most organisations however lack the internal expertise or more importantly the correct technologies to effectively monitor and manage the security of their networks.
More organisations are now starting to work with customers who demand assurances that providers of services are compliant against specific security standards or are working towards best practice within IT governance such as ITIL or Compliance requirements such ISO27001, PCI DSS HMG SPF etc... With reputations at stake, it is important to safeguard network environments and data contained within them.

Eurotek IT Link Security Operations Centre (ENSOC)
Eurotek IT Link ’s approach to comprehensive network security is to provide its customers with an intelligent managed solution for securing and monitoring networks. We believe it’s best to react to an event occurring, rather than having to learn from an event after it has caused a significant impact to network operations.

We secure networks by providing the latest in firewall technologies; Security as a Service (SAAS), devices. These offer extended protection against identity theft, financial fraud, and corporate espionage, whilst also providing anti-virus protection and web content filtering. Our blended methodology vulnerability scanning technology detects and guards against on-going vulnerabilities 24/7, ensuring that no potential threat or breach goes unreported, uninspected or unresolved.

Compliant and robust audit evidence of threats and breaches identified, and the treatment of such events are maintained by the ENSOC incident management workflow tool. Enabling organisations that are open to audit against security standards, to have a complete record, and audit trail of events that have occurred over any given time and any remedial action that was taken as a consequence.

Providing enhanced information security technology should go hand in hand with an adoption of intelligent network monitoring; Eurotek IT Link’s Security Operations Centre utilises “Best of Breed”, SIEM and event correlation platforms to proactively manage customer’s environments.

This enhanced intelligence automatically assesses the context of a potential threat or breach and more importantly the network asset involved or targeted by that threat. With compliance automation, network and host policy auditing, plus contextual network behaviour analysis, providing ENSOC engineers with information on network events in real time, at the correct level of severity. The distinct advantages of real time monitoring enables the threat, or breach to be identified, understood, and contained with corrective actions being taken in a timely manner securing the network against those breaches or threats identified in support of constant continual security improvement (CCSI).