Network optimisation testing

As businesses search for more efficient and cost effective technology solutions to meet their strategic objectives there is increased pressure on IT departments to optimise their existing infrastructure.

This has resulted in an increasing trend of organisations adopting a more holistic approach to their communications needs through installing a single IP based unified network.

The demand for always on connectivity across mobile, data, voice and video applications is one of the main reasons why network optimisation is taking on more importance in today’s converged environment.

Before any IT infrastructure can be modified, expanded or moved it is essential that robust tests are carried out to identify the current efficiency and performance of the network, and its connectivity i.e. WAN and Enterprise links such as lease lines.

Everything you need

Eurotek IT Link are able to offer a complete field and laboratory based testing solution that combines all the apparent interfaces and technologies.

Our “best of breed” testing equipment allows us to analyze bi-directional data flows in parallel, across all interfaces.

Optimising your network infrastructure, and planning for growth demands

Because Eurotek IT Link have invested in the latest testing equipment, all of our field support professionals are fully equipped to deal with a wide and diverse range of network technologies and protocols. This saves valuable time, resource and costs when it comes to testing connectivity, performance measurement, monitoring and load testing.

Eurotek IT Link ’s comprehensive approach delivers a unique ability to test, maintain and optimise existing networks while they are in operation. Due to advances in technology Eurotek IT Link also provides an unsurpassed upgrade path to cater for the changing needs of a business.

Example Services overview:

  • Test installations at the provisioning stage
  • Test physical lines
  • Testing and reporting on bandwidth requirements for future needs.
  • Application load testing
  • Emulate network traffic
  • User volume load testing
  • Performance measurement
  • Voice readiness audits