Eurotek IT Link Service Desk

With increasing dependency on business processes across IT services and IT infrastructure, it has never been more important to ensure that changes to the infrastructure are managed to perfection. What’s more, you need a detailed understanding of the business impact of an outage as well as the ability to control the process to execute upgrades and changes flawlessly and maintain service availability and service performance to the agreed levels.

Eurotek IT Link Service Desk is a comprehensive, scalable IT Service Desk designed to provide a 24/7 support service.

Customers using the Eurotek IT Link Service Desk ensure that they can easily streamline IT service processes as well as manage the IT service life cycle through comprehensive service level management capabilities.

Eurotek IT Link Service Desk also provides effective controls for critical service support and service delivery processes.

The challenges of service and support management

Managing service commitments and keeping users networks mobile is the core goal of Eurotek IT Link ’s service support activities. Today, keeping people connected with their network infrastructure is more complex than it has ever been. Technology is constantly advancing, the infrastructure is rapidly converging and the demand changes as businesses evolve. To meet this challenge users are being asked to do more within a shorter timescale, which in turn increases expectations on managing service commitments, motivating and effectively managing support personnel, addressing governance issues and doing so within the constraints of declining budgets.

Optimising service and support

Eurotek IT Link Service Desk addresses the challenges of managing today’s complex service and support requirements. Providing a comprehensive and scalable service management solution Eurotek IT Link Service Desk is available to you 24/7 all year round.

Eurotek IT Link Service Desk features dynamic Service Level Agreement (SLA) management capabilities. All incidents, requests and engineer calls are recorded into an inventory allowing Eurotek IT Link Service Desk to quickly search and retrieve all call records.

The “best of breed” technology behind Eurotek IT Link Service Desk is designed to deliver maximum benefits to you through a service and support solution that can grow in parallel with your network requirements. Servicing the UK and Ireland, Eurotek IT Link Service Desk handles over 1 million incidents and requests each year.

Key features include:

  • Unlimited SLAs
  • European network of field engineers
  • User defined priorities
  • Breached and near breach analysis with warnings via e-mail, pop up notify, colour coding, BlackBerry/PDA and mobile phone alerts