Certified data destruction

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ENS's certified data destruction service fully supports organisations in meeting compliance requirements and environmental responsibilities e.g. the WEEE directive.

Our flexible expert approach offers organisations the ability to destroy data with a fully traceable audit trail. We assess our customers' requirements on a case-by-case basis and thus provide an accurate and fair cost prior to a project being undertaken.

Information Security – the Importance of Certified Data Destruction

The only way to permanently destroy data, without physically destroying the hard disk, is by multiple overwriting of the data by generating and recording random characters across the entire surface of the drive, resulting in all data being destroyed and file sizes reset to zero.
There is an increasing number of standards including the American Military standard DOD 5220.22-M or Infosec Enhanced Standard 5. In essence these standards dictate that the drive has to be over written a minimum of 3 times.
ENS uses the latest CESG approved overwriting software that exceeds this standard and allows us to overwrite our customer's hard drives up to ninety-nine times. In the event that a hard disc cannot be data erased or if it is below 40GB the drive will be shredded. All company references including permanent security markings will be removed from equipment.
Where required ENS offers an on-site hard drive destruction service, where the customer can witness their own drives being destroyed on their premises. Our portable hard drive destruction unit is the only device of its type to be CESG approved. The crusher can destroy over 100 drives per hour and guarantees total hard drive destruction. It runs on standard electricity and can be used in an office environment with little or no disruption to surrounding staff.

There have been a number of high profile cases over the years where leading companies have fallen foul of the data protection act by allowing sensitive and/or privileged information to reach the public domain. In most cases this can be traced back to the IT disposal company who simply did not take appropriate measures to erase or safeguard their client’s information.

Our data erase software is one of only 3 that is CESG approved and our wiping process meets the highest recognized standards in the UK. We produce a certificate for every hard drive detailing the drives make and serial number.

So what differentiates our service from the competition?

  • Use of our own satellite tracked vehicles and security cleared drivers
  • Full UK coverage with no minimum collection quantities
  • Full Environmental Permit and Authorised Treatment Facility
  • ADISA accredited (Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance)
  • Members of ICER (Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recycling)
  • Safe Contractor accredited
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 accredited
  • Investors in People accredited
  • Security cleared staff
  • Open book pricing policies with guaranteed rebates
  • Data wiping and certification to the highest recognized standards
  • Comprehensive asset reporting
  • No hidden extras